Cousins And More Cousins…

Jim says:

First On Sunday, two of my second cousins, Ray Fortin and Jackie Nicol stopped by for a visit. We spent an enjoyable two hours reminiscing about the past and our mutual relatives.

Ray Fortin & Jackie Nicol

Then we went over to my cousin Jeanette’s home for a nice three-hour visit. It was Jeanette’s and Camello’s 57th Wedding Anniversary. They have lived in this house for 48 years and have seven children. Jeannette and Camello are both 78 years old. This photo show them and some of their children and grandchildren. About half of the remaining children and grandchildren were not there. Lots more reminiscing and laughter remembering the past.

The DiPoala Clan

This completes Mary’s introduction to my family. With the exception of a couple of stray cousins, she now knows them all. She seemed to like and enjoy all of them and they all seemed to like and enjoy Mary.

Mary and I planned to remain in Southern New England and enjoy this area for another two-plus months before heading back to her home in California where we expect to arrive in mid-October.

In other news…
Today we expect to depart from Bob and Donna’s and head towards Cape Cod. Tomorrow we are scheduled to take the motorhome and Bronco on the ferry to the island of Martha’s Vineyard for a one-week stay.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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