A New England Food Feast!

Jim says:

On Saturday…it finally happened…something I had been dreaming of…since the last time I was here in New Bedford in 2007. A New England Food Feast!

The day started with a two-hour heavy-duty thunder and lightning storm.


Despite the rain, we headed out for the seafood market. You do not see seafood markets like this on the west coast.


A little later we went to Sacred Heart Cemetery where I introduced Mary to my mother and father and other aunts, uncles, cousins…all deceased. Most of my relatives are buried here. Because of my advanced age…I only have a few cousins left alive in this area.


It was time to prepare the food. For openers, we enjoyed stuffed quohogs. Then my cousin Bob taught Mary how to put the Lobsters “to sleep” before dropping them into the pot.


Mary’s a quick learner!


My cousin Bob and his wife Donna celebrate Mary’s accomplishments!


Mary shows off her handiwork. By time she finished devouring this critter…there was was little left to be put in the trash. Donna said Mary outdid her father who was an expert at cleaning out a Lobster!


Here’s my Lobster waiting for me!


In addition, we enjoyed a Clam Boil. The clams, hot dogs, sausage, linguisa, potatoes and corn are all cooked together at the same time in a big pot.


By the time we were finished…all of us were saying…”I’m stuffed!

Zoe the cat slept through the whole meal.


One of my favorite memories of living in this area as a young child was the French Meat Pie, a traditional Christmas-time meal. I was telling Mary, Bob and Donna this story and wondered if one might be found this time of year. After our great New England Food Feast…Bob and Donna surprised me with a gift of a French Meat Pie they found at a local bakery.


Thanks Mary, Bob and Donna for everything… I’m a happy camper!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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