Blue Ridge Parkway – Day 1

Yesterday we drove about 75 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway still in North Carolina. No commercial vehicles are allowed on the parkway.

Here’s three photos…


It doesn’t show in any of these photos, but we saw miles of blown-down/broken trees from an ice storm just before last Christmas.

To see the other 13 photos I took, click this link…

It was partly cloudy with the temperature in the low 60’s. There was very little traffic and much to our surprise, when we arrived at the campground…it was closed. Our guidebook indicates the campgrounds open in early May. We inquired at the visitors store and were told the campgrounds open on May 15th. We spent the night parked in front of this old cabin along a quiet country road about one mile off of the parkway. According to the owner, a Mr. McCarthy, this cabin was built in the 1880’s…his wife was born here and it was the Cherry Lane Township’s first country store and post office.


Here’s the official government website link…

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link…

Today we’ll continue in a Northeasterly direction on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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