A busy day…

Jim says: To start the day, the solar panel charge control unit which regulates the amount of electrical charge going from the solar panel to the coach batteries in the motorhome decided to stop working…looks like a defective solder joint on the circuit board. Fortunately right now I’m plugged into electricity and don’t need the solar panel. I contacted the manufacturer in St. Louis, Missouri who instructed me to return the unit to them for repair or replacement. Then to the Post Office to get it on it’s way.

The defective solar charge controller.

The heater core in the Bronco decided to start leaking a couple of weeks ago. I bypassed the heater core so that it would leak no further. Fortunately it’s not been cold and the heater was not needed and I’ve not been in a convenient place to work on it. So I set about removing it from the Bronco so I can replace it with a new unit. After a couple of hours of selected cussing (have I told you before the that Bronco is a real pain in the butt to work on?), I finally got the defective heater core out. I’ll pick up the new unit at NAPA tomorrow.

The leaking Bronco heater core.

On my way to Walmart to pick up a few items, I saw a Teen Challenge group doing hand-washing of vehicles. So, I got both the motorhome and Bronco washed…they both really need it.

That’s how I spent my day. How about you?

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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