From Mary’s desk:

When you take as many pictures as Jim and I do, its easy to forget where you were when. Everything wants to just rumble together. Its nice to take a day and just enjoy  pictures,  review  fun places, and  people we’ve met.

The pelican is Louisiana’s State Bird. We’ve seen a number of them. Aren’t hey magnificent creatures? These were taken at an unforgettable place, too. Venice, our hop off place to Pilot Town, and the coldest boat ride I’ve ever had. I chuckle every time I think of it.

From childhood, trees have had an affect on me. I enjoyed climbing them, enjoyed the woods and watched my Dad log and cut pulp. Logging was a fascinating and exciting time in the past. Now I’m a tree hugger. Louisianans revere their trees, though lamenting cutting down all the cypress. Here are some beauties.

Judy Tiner was an interesting neighbor in Opelousas. She was the first woman to work and Oil rig. She stayed with it for 25 years. Now she has a broken neck and was forced to retire. A strong woman with great stories to tell. I’m hoping to interview her by phone and share some of them with you.
And Greg Guirard. He had great stories to tell when we met him and after reading two of his books, I want to hear more.
As I cast about through my albums, I realized I don’t take enough portraits.  I should have taken better pictures of the people I meet.
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