Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jim says: Yesterday Mary and I visited the current and old State Capital Buildings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The current State Capital Building is 34 stories high and was the dream of Huey P. Long…by far Louisiana’s most famous political person. In 1935 while he was a U.S. Senator he was assassinated in the very building he was responsible for creating. He was 42 years old.


The Huey P.Long grave site is across the street with a statue of old Huey facing the building.


The Old State Capitol Building is a few blocks away and looks more like an old English Castle. Because of trees and narrow streets it’s difficult to get a good picture of the building. Here’s a photo of a model of the building…


The Old State Capital Building houses a Huey P. Long Museum that presents both Pro-Long and Anti-Long information. Some say he was a hero, while others say he was a heavy-handed dictator. The video we saw of him impressed me that he was a loud-mouthed, fast-talking politician who claimed he could intimidate or strike fear into every 99 out of 100 men he met.I found it interesting that while he was telling the people how great he was…was happening at the same time Hitler was telling the German People how great he was.

Unfortunately for Old Huey, he got assassinated!

The following comes from a Louisiana State pamphlet entitled…Louisiana State Capitol…
“The Legend…
What began as a dream of one man…Huey P. Long…became a symbol of the pride, the history and the spirit of Louisiana’s people. To construct a State Capitol Building during the 1930’s, the time of the great depression, was an idea only a powerful politician could have made a reality. As governor, Huey long worked long and hard to convince the public and the legislature that a new State Capitol would eventually save the state money because of its efficient modern structure.

A special session of the legislature was called to vote on the amendment that would provide the funding for construction. The first vote fell four votes short of the two-thirds majority that was needed. The Speaker of the House ordered a roll call vote and, while the list of names was read, Governor Long, standing in the back of the chamber, had time to encourage a few legislators to vote in favor of his building. The vote passed and the funding was approved.

In 1935, the Louisiana State capitol Building was the site of Huey P. Long’s assassination. Senator Long was buried on the grounds and his statue faces the Capitol.”
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