Out of the blue, Jim and I received an irresistible invitation from a stranger, would we like to come visit her place, and stay, and play and get acquainted with some local folks of Cajun heritage?
For real?  Southern Hospitality is very real and we promptly accepted.
Michele Boulet is camera shy, but we found befriending strangers and animal rescue is just a small niche of Michele Boulet’s personality. She and her friend Russell fill their days caring for critters who have come upon hard times, five horses, two of them blind; multiple dogs, a mule, and a boer goat. Independent is another name for cat.  Michele’s wouldn’t have anything to do with me but it was puppy love at first sight.

Besides a passel of puppies, her newest acquisition is Helper, a stately bulldog who fits right into the menage and imperially guards the porch or flowers, or whatever needs a lookout.

The horse on the left is totally blind, the other has shadow vision. I forgot to ask Michele if the animals will eventually be placed with others? She says she is learning as she goes. Horses are not a critter to be taken lightly. (The picture below is Michele’s, by the way.)

Her Boer goat, resembled my daughter’s herd of milk goats from a 4-H project. Michele handed me a reference identifying her meat goat which looks quite like the Nubians..

Michele invited strangers, but we soon found we had a lot in common, a love of cooking, art, books, film production, animals, learning about family heritage, and people. We never fail to learn something new and I’m looking forward to more time and the killer lunch she promised us.
Below is Dancing Pig #6 by Chris Landry.

She threw us a list of names and I think this is Iggy, but I’m not sure.  He is such a handsome fellow.

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