Coonass Girl Is Our Destiny…

Jim says: Mary and I generally see the World somewhat similarly. One area we do not see alike is…
I’m a believer in Destiny, she is not. I tell her it’s okay…I once believed as she does now. 🙂


Three days ago, I included the following in my daily posting…

As an aside, here’s a link to the Lafayette Independent Newspaper I stumbled upon yesterday…

Because of that posting, I got an Email that very same day from a very fun and interesting Cajun gal who goes by the moniker of Coonass Girl inviting us to come visit her and sample some genuine rural Cajun life. Her name is Michele Anne Boulet and she lives in the town of Arnaudville, Louisiana on 15 acres of land at the end of a gravel road. She has five horses (two of which are blind), a mule, a goat, ten dogs and a cat.

We first met her two days ago when she joined us in Opelousas for the New Orleans Saint parade. She had invited us to stay on her land, but low-hanging tree branches would not allow us up her driveway without damaging the rubber roof on our motorhome, so we’re parked at the VFW about ten miles away.

We had a fun first day three-hour visit with her and her friend Russell. She’s most open and warm as we’ve found Cajun folks to be. We also found that despite our 29 years of age difference, we have a lot in common.

We’ll probably spend the next two-three days running around with her as she shows us the area and meet some of her friends. Be sure to check-in for the next few day as I’m sure they will be most interesting. In the meanwhile, here’s a few photos to acquaint you with Michele who asked not to use any pictures of her…


Here’s her My Space link. Notice she went to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where I used to live…

Destiny wanted Mary and I to meet her in order to enrich our Cajun experience!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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