Lafayette, Louisiana Day – 2 (Great Cajun Music Video enclosed)

Jim says:

And what a great day it was!

Mary and I spent another day wandering around Lafayette, Louisiana. For me, two of the places we visited made my day. The first was a visit to Martin Accordions where they have made making and repairing accordions for 28 years. We chatted with the owner Clarence “Junior” Martin who was alone in the shop. He spent about 30 minutes with us answering our questions about the history of his family and the accordion shop.


He makes about 150 accordions a year and they sell for between $2,400 and $2,700 depending on your desired options. He is the top producer of the about 26 accordion manufacturers in Southern Louisiana.


After-wards Mary and I found the only Bordon’s Ice Cream Shop remaining in the United States and enjoyed a nice ice cream treat.


At 5:00 PM we returned to Martin Accordions for a 1.5 hour program by the Martin Family about the History of Cajun Music and the workings of their instruments. Clarence was there and played the steel and acoustic guitar. His daughter Penny played the bass guitar and triangle. His grandson Joel played several different accordions and the acoustic guitar and sang the songs in French. They are all very talented musicians and for 22 years old, Joel plays a mean accordion!


As a special treat just for you, I made a video for your enjoyment and to give to a tiny little taste of the music we enjoyed here.

To see the other 26 photos I took, click this link…

Here’s the Martin Accordion Website link…

If you are ever in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, don’t miss a visit to Martin Accordions! They’re located at 2143 West Willow Street Extension in Scott, Louisiana.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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One thought on “Lafayette, Louisiana Day – 2 (Great Cajun Music Video enclosed)

  1. I found this blog while searching google. Pretty impressive too, since google tends to display relatively old results but this one is very recent! Anyway, very informative, especially since this is not a subject a lot of people can write something decent about. Take care…

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