A visit with Mr. Charlie in Morgan City, Louisiana

Jim says: So, who’s Mr. Charlie?…you ask. Well, he’s an Authentic Offshore Drilling Rig! From 1954 to 1986 “Mr. Charlie” drilled hundreds of offshore wells off the coast of Morgan City, Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. He was the first transportable, submersible drilling rig and an industry springboard to the current offshore rig technology. Today he serves as a museum and also as a school for beginning oil rig workers.

Yesterday Mary and I drove the about 30 miles to Morgan City, Louisiana specifically so we cold visit Mr. Charlie. We had a most enjoyable one hour tour given by the International Petroleum Museum & Exposition President, Virgil Allen. He really knows his business and provided us with a great education about off-shore drilling and the oil industry in general.


To see the other 33 pictures I took, click this link…

Here’s a link about Mr. Charlie…

Here’s Mr. Charlie’s website link…

Here’s a Wikipedia link for Morgan City…

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  1. bayouchild

    What an excellent blog! Glad I found it. Following you on Twitter, too.

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