Palomas, Mexico & Pancho Villa

Yesterday Mary & I drove the motorhome 35 miles South to the Mexico border and walked across into Palomas. Mexico. We joined 16 other folks from the Low-Hi RV Ranch (where we parked last night) for their weekly lunch meal at The Pink Store Restaurant. Great food and great live music made it an enjoyable time.

Back across into the United States we drove 3 miles North to the town of Columbus, New Mexico. On March 9, 1916 Pancho Villa led about 500 Villanistas and attacked Columbus, New Mexico. Eight civilians, nine soldiers and 90 Villanistas were killed during this skirmish. In Columbus, we went to the Pancho Villa Museum at the Railroad Depot Historical Society building. Then we walked across the street to the Pancho Villa New Mexico State Park Visitors Center where the had a great display about Camp Furlong. This was the location where General Jack Pershing assembled a force of 10,000 men to pursue Villa who had crossed back into Mexico. He went 500 miles into Mexico and never caught up with Villa because his forces were called back to go fight in Europe in World War 1. At Camp Furlong, it was the first time motorized vehicles and aircraft were used in United States military operations.


To see the other 13 pictures I took yesterday, click this link..

To read about and see the buildings involved in Pancho Villa’s raid, click this link…

Here’s a Wikipedia informational link…

Today we head towards Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas some 400+ miles distant. We expect a couple of days to get there.

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