Do I even recognize the 14 year old I took with me to Thailand? After 16 days of a venerable, ancient, culture we were both changed. Mason, above, is my grandson and traveling partner. We squeezed in a lot of life during our 16 days. He is holding Flat Stanley against a waterfall in the Tawana Hotel, Bangkok on our first day. (I’ll explain Flat Stanley later.)

From our hotel, we set out for the flower and produce markets. We viewed the miasma of traffic, strange vehicles slipping past our bus window. Life swirls through the streets, shopping stalls crowd man and beast and machine for space. Its vibrant, exciting and such a contrast to suburban and big city USA.

We found Thai people, happy, friendly, clean, and a fascinating mix of old culture and new democracy. Third world, no doubt, but life is lived in the streets. Families run their shopping stalls, kids play around the street markets when not in school. Vendors eat on the street, socialize and nap in their stalls.

The snarl of wiring above this street reminds me a bit of India, yet you could plug in your computer, or phone chargers in any of our hotels.

Thai people love their flowers and you see them gracing their motorcycles, boats, buses, houses, temples-everything.

Fruits and vegetables and flowers are part of every celebration in Thailand. It was love at first sight.
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  1. Barbaradlf

    Hello, Mary. We’ve been waiting and waiting for your return and your trip reports. You are off to a great start! I’m looking forward to more … and more … and more! Enjoy your time back and remember that there is a hug for you here in Deming.

  2. Mrs Beans

    What an awesome experience for you and especially for Mason! Neat!

  3. Great, fun blog site! I found it by doing a search for truck camper on WordPress and then following your link from your old blog. Looks like you’re having a ball with your RVing.

    Love the Bangkok stuff. My son’s name is Mason, so I instantly thought your grandson was pretty cool.

    My husband and I recently launched a blog about truck camper camping and adventures, that’s why I’m interested in connecting with others doing the RV thing. If you feel like checking out our blog, we’re at http://tcroadtrip.wordpress.com/ or you can find us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/RoadTripBlogger.

    Stay safe and I hope you have a great time RVing.

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