Yesterday I drove the about 75 miles from Thousand Palms, California to arrive at Slab City. It’s located about three miles out into the desert from the small city of Niland, CA on the southeastern shore of the Salton Sea which is about 35 miles long.

The Slab City area in Southeastern California as see by Google Earth.

Known as Camp Dunlap during World War II, RVers found it in the 1960’s. I’ve been stopping here for the last 16 years.

Here’s a couple of links to help you get a better understanding of this most unusual place!

Here’s everything you could want to know about the Salton Sea…

The afternoon temperature was 65 degrees under partly sunny skies!

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A Slice Of Life…

December 17, 2011

from Thousand Trails RV Resort in Thousand Palms, California.

Yesterday I took my camera on my 45 minute morning walk and snapped a few photos. Here are ten which you may click upon to see enlarged views…

Lots of folks in the Christmas spirit…

Some folks bring along an extra ride…

This guy wins the award for the smallest rig…

This guy wins the award for the longest rig…I paced him off at 88 feet long! When I tow the Ford Bronco II behind our motorhome…I run 46 feet. This guy is almost double my length!!!

And finally my parking spot…

The tall Date Palm trees are not Christmas trees…but they are still nice.

Average daily high temperature this time of the year is 69 degrees and night-time lows about 46 degrees…better than most of the other areas of the country! The nice weather is the main reason we’re all here.

Here’s an interesting comment about our current times. I’ve been stopping here about the same time of year for about 10 years. The park has 445 sites and in the past only about six vacant sites might be found on any given day. This year seemed different…so as I took my normal morning walk I counted the empty spaces. I counted 61…about ten times the normal vacancy rate at this time of year. Interesting.

In other news…

I’ll be departing the park later this morning. I’ll head about 75 miles to the southeast and visit some friends at Slab City for a couple of days.

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Do You Oovoo???

December 5, 2011

Even though I’m an ex-engineer, I’m slow to be up-to-date on the latest electronic happenings. I guess that’s because I haven’t seen or read the news in 13 years…plus I watch NO television at all with the exception of movies that Mary and I like. We have about 100 movies on board our motorhome. So…I guess what I’m saying is that I’m disconnected from the real world…which is just fine with me. It’s just the way I like it.

Thanksgiving Day Mary and I were at her youngest daughter’s home. While there, we communicated with Mary’s oldest son in Las Vegas, NV via video chat. A new experience for me. It was kind of neat and made for a nice family visit despite the fact we were all not at the same location.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a video chat with my son, his wife and my three grandkids, Jocelyn age 16, Eric age 14 and Jaime age 11 back in southeastern Connecticut. My grandkids know how to do all this video chat stuff and told me to use a system called Oovoo. So I downloaded it a few days back and yesterday enjoyed a nice 1/2 hour video visit with my family.

I tried to take some photos with my camera, but because of reflections reflections off of the screen of my computer…they were not very satisfactory…

Right near the end of our conversation, my grandson Eric showed me how to click a button on Oovoo to take a photo which works much better…

Most likely you are already video-chatting. You know how much nicer it is than a regular phone call.

But if you are not and want to consider Oovoo, here’s a link…

Try it…you’ll like it!

In other news…

Today is my 71st birthday. That’s was the reason I got my busy family in Connecticut to slow down for a visit with me yesterday via Oovoo. I’ll spend today quietly reading, walking, visiting with friends and chatting with friends via telephone. It’s supposed to be 63 and sunny here in Thousand Palms, CA today.

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Yesterday while in Riverside, California, I had my side of our dinette cushions re-foamed. The old cushions were approaching six years old and they were ready to have this happen. Mary said her side was fine, so her cushions were not redone. I had the work done at Neff’s Upholstery, the place that originally manufactured the cushions for Fleetwood…the manufacturer of our motorhome. They’re located in an industrial park…

Here’s an interior photo. My cushions to be reworked are leaning against the work table…

Here’s a photo of the final product installed in our motorhome. I now have a firm foundation for my butt. A real improvement from the old worn-out foam…

In other news…

In yesterday’s Blog entry I described the forecasted high winds for this area. When I finished my business at Neff’s at 10:00 AM, the winds didn’t seem to bad at that time so I decided to head down the road. I had used Google Earth prior to my departure to identify several places along the way where I might find refuge if the winds got to strong.

It huffed and it puffed, so I keep my speed down to 45-50 miles per hour. It was kind of white-knuckle driving as this stretch of Interstate Highway 10 between Riverside and Indio is one of the most dangerous roadways in the United States. Over the years I’ve witnessed a number of vehicle accidents on this highway.

Despite the winds and dangerous roadway, I managed to arrive safely at my destination of Thousand Trails RV Resort in Thousand Palms, California, about 20 miles east of Palm Springs. It was 68 degrees, cloudy and still windy when I arrived at 11:30 AM. I’ve been in this campground numerous times and know that this weather is unusual…but the sun is soon scheduled to return. I expect to be here for a couple of weeks.

As you approach Palm Springs heading east on Interstate Highway 10, for several miles there is a huge wind generation farm with over one thousand windmills. While I’ve seen this sight many times, I never seen it like this…

They had them all locked down so that they could not rotate. My guess is because of expected high-velocity winds, they must have a maximum wind tolerance. Being an ex-engineer I cannot think of another reason to have them locked down. Normally they are all whirling away like crazy! Interesting…at least to an ex-engineer. :)

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Jim says:

of Thousand Trails RV Resort in Thousand Palms, California…my current location is marked in yellow. I like this back corner of the park because it’s away from the road noise of Interstate Highway 10 seen at the bottom and it’s close to the restrooms which have the best showers in their system and the laundry.


The park has 445 spaces, kitchen, family lodge, billiards room, pool, spa, library, recreation lodge, youth room, adult lodge, fitness room, pickle ball court, horseshoes courts and a large menu of ongoing activities. I’ve been stopping here for a two-week stay since 2001. Every morning with friends I walk up, down and around the park which takes about an hour.

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