July 29, 2011

My youngest daughter still has “little people”, those all too short years when the kids are busily growing into adults as you watch, except that you don’t realize how fast it happens. When I visit I get to be a kid again. Virginia and I swam at the community pool-Olympic sized.  The lanes are longer than those I’ve been swimming at the parks,  and challenging for someone as out of shape as I am. What a welcome respite from the heat in the late afternoon.

Both boys had lessons and testing that day, as well.

We popped over to the farmer’s market for dinner. Luscious choices to bring home and tasty choices among the food vendors.

I usually buy  more than I can eat.  This time I restrained myself.

We each chose different dinner items; for myself, rosemary naan and lamb kabob wrap on Indian flat bread. Virginia chose spinach cheese ravioli and a greek salad; the boys liked their corn dogs, chips and lemonade. We were all pleased with out choices. Too full for dessert, I eyed the wonderful choices in popsicles, even so.

No all of them appear to be dessert. The kids chose sweet pastries and kettlecorn.

Next time I go, I’ll suggest they offer a taster dish of the various choices.

This farmer’s market, held in the city park, includes fair items like a balloon lady, a bouncy house, a rock climbing set-up, a water slide and sales kiosks with other merchandise besides the agricultural items. The kids love to go there.

After dinner, Owen showed me how well he can  type.  The letters are covered and he is learning to type without hunting and pecking.

They leave that up to the chickens.

The hens have free range of the yard and lay an egg a day. Four hens for a family of four provides enough organic eggs to share with the neighbors now and then.

Their own backyard garden provides tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, and lettuces in surprisingly small space. I slept like a log Wednesday night. Being a kid is hard work!

In yesterday’s Blog entry I discussed how I had spent the previous four days looking at hundreds of cameras and reading dozens of camera reviews as part of the process of finding new cameras for myself and my life-partner Mary. Finally…I decided on the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC 4X5V…Mary still had not yet made a decision.

I spent the better part of yesterday reading the down-loaded 60 page Instruction Manual and 160 page Handbook for this camera in order to become better acquainted with it prior to its arrival.

Today is moving day for me. My three-week stay at Thousand Trails Thunderbird RV Resort in Monroe, Washington is over and I’m obligated to move to another park. So today I’ll drive the motorhome about 50 miles north to Thousand Trails RV Resort at Mount Vernon, Washington.

When in that area I usually stay at Thousand Trails RV Resort at Laconnor…but I just recently finished a two-week stay there. In addition…it does not have a swimming pool…but rather one-half mile of Puget Sound waterfront. Mary really enjoys the Thousand Trails swimming pools and I’m hoping to get her back with me in about another week or so. She’s currently attending to business at her home in the gold country of central California.

Once I arrive at my new location and know my new space number in the park…I’ll place my order for the camera with Amazon. Speaking of Mary…she finally made her decision to buy the same camera after exhaustive research with other cameras she had been considering. It should work out well…both have the same camera. Between the two of us…we hopefully will learn to use all the neat things the camera can do. Mary ordered her camera yesterday.

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June 18, 2011

While my daughter worked, grandson, Austin and I repaired to Laurie and Ken’s house for an afternoon of leisure around their beautiful swimming pool. In Las Vegas, it isn’t necessary to heat the pool and the water was heavenly. Laurie threw pool torpedoes in the water for Austin to dive after. He likes to outfit himself like a skindiver with mask and fins.

Little boys are inventive and love to play shark. Grandma was the shark, of course.

For a little guy, Austin is very adept in the water and we had a good game of pool ball catch. I had to drag myself out of the pool, but we snacked, and played ping pong before heading back to Kristanne’s for dinner and a movie.

Austin’s only brother is 18 and he tends to enjoy older kids. His buddies came over for a sleepover after a picnic and swim in the neighborhood.  Here, there is no need for blankets. The boys giggled and squealed until after 10 p.m. This is what they looked like this morning.

After our arrival at Thousand Trails RV Resort in Pacific City, Oregon on Saturday, we wandered around the campground to acquaint Mary with the place. I’ve been here about three times previously. One of the unique features of this place is the presence of many black rabbits…

A nice-sized hot tub is here…

And a huge Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool…

Then down the hill, cross the road and the path to the beach…

The beach is wide smooth sand and very scenic. Vehicles are allowed to drive on the beach here…

Small fresh-water streams flowing to the ocean creates beautiful patterns in the sand…

Here’s an air photo of the Pacific City area…

You can read about the Pacific City area by clicking this link…

This Google Earth view shows how close we are to the ocean. While the ocean may be about one-half mile from our camping site (the way the crow flies), its mighty roar can be still heard at out site…

This area is among the remotest to be found on the Oregon coast. The air is fresh and clean in addition to the peace and quiet. All in all, a delightful place to stay for a few days.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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